About Us

About dubbleupp

The next big real estate innovation.

We believe everyone should be able to own a home so we are on a mission to make home ownership more affordable for all.

How it all started

The two founders actually each bought their first homes as a DubbleUpp many years ago.  Dave bought his home with a family member, his mother.  And DeVan bought his home with a friend.  Back then, there was no DubbleUpp advisors, so Dave and his mother ended up flipping a coin to see who got the master.  Luckily for Dave, the coin landed on heads so Dave and his wife got the master.

Now, we’d advise to discuss a mutually agreeable solution like someone getting garage spots or an extra bedroom for an office in exchange for not having the master.  DeVan had a townhouse so it was easy for them.  One took the master and the other took the basement. 

After several years, both groups decided to sell their houses and split the profits.  Like today’s DubbleUpps, everyone took their share and invested in their big move.  Dave went on to his own house.  DeVan did the same, but then used his profits to become an investor with a girlfriend.  He helped her buy a house and even had an agreement written up about selling the house after 5 years.  After 5 years, they sold the house and he used those profits to fund a wedding …to someone else.  

Fast forward 20 years, you have homes becoming unaffordable for first time home buyers.  Dave and DeVan knew the timing was perfect to help make homeownership affordable by making a DubbleUpp possible for everyone.

How we work together

The best DubbleUpp experience is achieved when you use our network of companies.  DubbleUpp works with CityWorth Homes for real estate services and DubbleUpp loans for mortgage services.  Our seamless communication ensures everyone involved in your experience is informed every step of the way.  CityWorth has a unique centralized approach to both real estate and mortgages which gives you the most experienced team possible.  They know what makes a DubbleUpp unique and how to guide you from home selection to loan approval and then closing.

Our Expertise

Matching Buyers

Creating agreements

Loan process

Problem solving

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